Afgelopen maanden verschenen er weer interessante artikelen over ons vakgebied, de must reads. Jarno Nijboer (Fullstack C# Developer) raadt de volgende vier artikelen aan om te lezen.

1. The Developer Ecosystem in 2022: Key Trends for C#

.NET overall continues to be a solid platform for many types of applications and companies. While C# 11 is the current version, it was released in November 2022 so a full year of data for the release version of it doesn’t exist yet and our survey contains up to C# 10. Let’s start by digging into C#’s popularity by the version.


Replacing VBA with C#?

One application where I think C# would fit right in is Excel, as a replacement for VBA. VBA is a bit (a lot) behind the times and Microsoft isn’t planning on upgrading it. Instead, they’re offering a sandboxed JavaScript environment called Office Scripts.

Productivity tip 4 .Net Developers

Have you heard of .http files? In VisualStudio you can write an http file with API calls in it in less than a minute and test all your live endpoints.


A quick look at some of the experiments they are considering for Blazor in .NET 8

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