Afgelopen maanden verschenen er weer interessante artikelen over ons vakgebied, de must reads. Jarno Nijboer (Fullstack C# Developer) raadt de volgende vijf artikelen aan om te lezen.

1. Monads

Mark Seemann is working on an excellent blog series about Monads. This blog series is aimed at object-oriented programmers who are curious about monads. The concepts are easy to understand, due to the many examples in C#​



2. Coolblue Unfixed (Case Study of a Scale-up)

A great case study on the Domain and Tech structure and Tech department from Coolblue, written by Jurgen Appelo​

3. Announcing .NET 7 Preview 3

The .NET team has committed to Native AOT in .NET 7, meaning proper native compilation like other languages. In this blogpost they explain the details and how to prepare your apps for Native AOT.

4. Possibility of virtual/green threads for .NET

David Fowler, architect on the .NET team, has written an twitter convo about the possibility of virtual/green threads for .NET