Afgelopen maand verschenen er weer interessante artikelen over ons vakgebied. Martin Watts (.NET Developer/Architect) raadt de volgende vier artikelen aan om te lezen.

1. Introducing the .NET Hot Reload experience for editing code at runtime

Hot reload is seriously going to effect the speed at which we can develop and prototype. Read up on this promising new Visual Studio / .NET 6 feature in this article and try it yourself. If you are interested in other new features of .NET 6 preview 4, take a look here too:

2. The XAML framework that you’ll love to build with.

Maybe you have heard of Avalonia, maybe not. Avalonia is a cross platform UI framework based on XAML and the MVVM pattern. It is a great choice if you are considering modernizing an existing WPF application, but suited to new development as well of course. 

3. RestClient.Net 5

If you are still using the HttpClient class directly, chances are you are doing it wrong. Sorry. Get out of the mess that is HttpClient and give this library a try instead.

4. MessagePipe — High performance messaging library for .NET and Unity

MessagePipe is a high performance library for implementing publish-subscribe patterns, probably the fastest there is a.t.m. It is even faster then .NET’s own event system, yet boasts some very useful additional features. A must consideration for new projects.{module: photo, no: #}

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